Thank you Cory and Jeffrey for all of your help in guiding this transaction through to Closing. You were always available, helpful and diligent in assisting with the purchase process. Your vast knowledge of the Key West Real Estate Market is evident.

    Michael Cease, Esq.

I would like to thank both you and Jeffrey for not only your wonderful
service but also your expertise in the market. You guided us expertly
through the sale of my house on Von Phister and the purchase of my new
Both of you rock!

    Larry Abramovitz

    Cory and Jeff were a pleasure to work with. They were able to determine exactly what my needs were. They showed me a great selection of properties based on my needs. Once we found a property, they were instrumental in handling all of the details of the closing procedure from start to finish. They are still there to help and answer questions even after the closing has finalized. I would Highly Recommend Cory Held and Jeffrey Grosky to anyone looking for real estate in Key West.

    John Tar

    Cory and Jeff are the best agents with which I’ve ever had the privilege of working. They helped our family out so much!

    Matthew S. Patrick, M.D.